Our new journey

My first entry. This is how I feel. How do you feel?

I am typing on my laptop what I expect you will read eagerly. I am very excited, and my heart is beating differently; different is better because I am about to start a new life online!

Is everything ready? I feel like it will never be. So far, nevertheless, I have my first three videos uploaded and waiting for me to launch the channel! It IS a big deal. It means starting something that will not just stay there... started... but never finished. Although I don't believe it will ever end! I hope it ends with my life, at least for me. This is a weird project because I know it doesn't have a finishing line. Maybe those are the kinds of projects I like the most. 

Anyway... My point is that this is something I like doing, so I want to do it well.

Will you join me? I really need you to! This is made for others.I think I can help you with the videos and the content in general. I aim to help you academically, but I don't mind helping you emotionally.

Thank you for reading!