Christmas is coming

I am grateful for your support and my work.

Christmas is around the corner; I don't have time to make as many videos as I wish... I'm doing my best to keep uploading videos you enjoy and find useful. 

So far, my first objective has been accomplished. I am happy with my product. I am happy I have subscribers, and I love it when people ask what the channel is about really. It's funny. I guess I have to work on that! 

The three sections are one together, but can be seen separately. The academic section is the one that takes more work and the one that people might find more useful, I believe. 

The toefl and ielts part is especially useful for those taking the exam. I think that audience doesn't know my channel exists yet... lol

The motivational section is the one that helps ME the most. I listen to what I say and apply it to any other part of my life. It's helping me more than anyone else! 

Thank you for letting me do this. I am happy.

Merry Christmas!