Happy New Year!

My reflections on this coming year...

A new year's start is great because it feels we can start over. It's so curious; we start over every day, but we don't celebrate it like the new year. A new day's celebration is taken for granted. Your resolution for this year (I know it is one of mine) is to see a new day as an amazing gift, as my big chance, as my entire life, and to live it! 

Your English learning can be like that too. Everything in life is a process, and processes take time. Every step of the way is divided into days. A day is all we have; after 365 of them, it's easy to call them a year. After 365 days of English lessons, you can easily speak English, but you don't have 365 days now. All you and I have is just today. Use it and enjoy it!

I wish you the best year (or 365 days)