New Camera

My experience trying a new camera for the Freeae shootings...

First thing, what a headache! I thought I had this covered... and now... I feel like I am starting all over again. Yes. A little dramatic. Very dramatic. I read what I am writing and I laugh at myself. However, it was a little nightmare to set the new camera, which is just a new cell phone, to record the following videos of the channel today. I haven't seen the final result yet, but I think it's gonna work out fine. All the drama was just to make the day more interesting. What was the drama? That I am an amateur, and I need to use what I have a home to make it look like I care about... Right! I do care about it! a lot! I want these videos to look professional. OK. They don't... but I can tell I care so I hope you can see that too. 

Thank you for reading.