learning from my mistakes

I am thinking about my next video and my life.

A couple of weeks ago, I had nothing to upload, so I started making a video about "learning from your mistakes" with the material I already had. I didn't finish it, but I want to do it well. I believe it is extremely important to talk about mistakes and how good they are. I need to tell myself this, too. I am a perfectionist, so it is really hard for me to say I'm done with something. There is always room for improvement! I will take it the right way. There will always be something to improve; that doesn't mean I have to continue polishing that something now. I have a product. It gives me joy to see people getting help from it. I like that I do it because I like it. A little redundant, but true. 

When I check one of my videos, I basically see the mistakes, the imperfections. I am harsh on myself! It really surprises me to hear that my videos are great. So this is my lesson: My mistake is to believe my work is not good enough. It is the best I could do with what I had at the moment. Yes, I will probably always be very demanding, but I am learning to give myself a break.